WHIO Saturday Morning Radio Shows with Dr. Dyer, Dr. Marchek, Dr. Merkle, and Dr. Yahle.

With Dr. Merkle

April 15, 2017         

  Natural Solutions to Pain and How Supplements Can Help

         This morning Dr. Merkle talks about his own aches and pains, his mother’s hip pain, and a gentleman with ulceration of the leg. Later in the segment Dr. Merkle explains how natural solutions to pain: Chiropractic, ice/heat or both, and supplements can help consideribly in dealing with various types of pain. 

With Dr. Marchek

April 8, 2017         

  PTSD and Battlefield Acupuncture

         Can acupuncture help with PTSD? How can this improves the lives of veterans or anyone suffering from PTSD? Listen now to hear Dr. Marchek provide the answers. 

With Dr. Merkle

April 1, 2017         

  PEMF and Tetanus

         This morning Dr. Merkle talks about aches, pains, and PEMF. Also, Dr. Merkle discusses a Tetanus story regarding a mom, a doctor, and a vaccination.

With Dr. Merkle

March 25, 2017         

  Vitamins and Your Health

          This week we discuss how vitamins can make such a huge difference in someone’s life. How can Take2Health help? Listen here to find out more.

With Dr. Yahle

March 18, 2017         

  Dr. Yahle Goes Over Blood Panels and Take 2 Health Care

    Today, Dr. Yahle takes caller questions and discusses Take 2 Health Care blood panels and the things it covers. 

With Dr. Merkle

March 11, 2017         

  Health Savings Accounts and a Different Look at the Cure for Cancer

        Dr. Merkle goes into detail about health savings accounts and we take a different look at the cure for cancer.

With Dr. Yahle

March 04, 2017         

  Thermography and Osteoperosis

        Dr. Yahle talks details about thermography, osteoperosis, and more! 

With Dr. Dyer

February 25, 2017         

  Why You Should NOT Take Asprin For Heart Disease Protection

       This morning Dr. Dyer discusses asprin and why you shouldn’t take it for heart disease protection and takes caller questions. Ask yourself, “do I have a particular condition that is affecting me, a neighbor, or a family member?” Do you want to know what they can do to get their body healthy again? 

With Dr. Yahle

February 11, 2017         

 Thyroid Health, Vitamins, Minerals and More!

          Dr. Yahle discusses Thyroid health. Also, Dr. Yahle talks about vitamins, botanicals, diet, minerals and other natural substances that have been developed as non drug treatments and how effective they have been shown to be. 

With Dr. Dyer

February 04, 2017         

 Natural Nutritional Options with Dr. Dyer

         Today Dr. Dyer is taking callers on various topics ranging from how much Calcium to take to how Dr. Dyer’s Fresh Start diet helped a guest with who after several surgeries was still having severe stomach pains.