After spending thousands of dollars and being on a myriad of medications, she came to see our health professionals at Take2 Healthcare. 


Not wanting to have surgeries for his long standing backpains, Take2 Healthcare helped him be active with his grand children again. 


Having long time liver problems, Mike came into Take2 Healthcare looking for much needed help. Our healthcare professionals found Mike’s nutritional defencies. 

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The Benefits of a Proper Supplement Program

From 55 year old female patient of Dr. Natalie Yahle

This woman had primary complaints of depression for seven years, stating she was highly stressed out, and was experiencing night sweats since 1997. She had attempted Lexapro for depression for two years which didn’t seem to help so the patient quit taking it. Before she came in, she had quit all of her current supplements that she had put herself on for 4 weeks. Her comprehensive blood test was ran along with a hormone panel and a hair tissue mineral analysis to determine the toxic elements she was being exposed to.
After she was placed on the proper program of supplements according to her individualized testing results, we saw improvements in liver function, kidney function, and thyroid function in the blood. Although there were no critical findings when she was first tested, the many values that were low had all added up; contributing to all of her symptoms.
Her 3 week follow up is as follows: Her hot flashes are gone and her night sweats are gone too! She is having 2-4 bowel movements per day, her toe fungus is gone; she has lost weight, her headaches are gone and her grey hairs are darkening again.

Helping Those Who Need it the Most

Written by the parents of a 6 year old child for Dr. Dyer.

My main concerns for our 6 year old daughter was her overall health.  We were constantly battling minor issues; especially constant UTIs, different skin rashes like water warts, dry skin and headaches.  She just always seemed to have something wrong “pop up” time and again.  After several months of following Dr. Dyer’s suggestions, honestly, I almost gave up.  Her skin started breaking out and it was a constant struggle to get her to follow the regimen.  BUT, I am so glad we toughed it out.  I would say it took about 9 months or so, but we all of a sudden realized we hadn’t had a UTI, her skin was clear, and she hadn’t complained about headaches or not feeling good in quite some time! Looking back we realized when things seemed worse, that it was her bodies way of cleaning out the toxins that were causing a lot of her problems.  She virtually has no issues in the last 6 months.  (This matches up to being just over a year since we’ve taken her to see Dr. Dyer). Her health has improved so much!!

Thank you!!!

A Gentleman with Low Testosterone

A 68 year old patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

Recently, we had a man age 68 come in with low testosterone. His medical doctor measured his testosterone levels to be at 158.  After visiting Take 2 Healthcare he was placed on a special plan and after only two weeks his testosterone has nearly doubled to 301, with 480 being the goal.

The patient is now reporting his sleep quality and duration have improved, an increase in libido, stamina and performance, and recently set a personal best during a rowing workout! He also reports that his nails, hair and beard are all growing faster than they did before coming to Take 2 Healthcare!

A Letter From a Patient

Written by a 41 years old female patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for changing my life. Acupuncture has helped me in ways prescription drugs have never been able to. When it was suggested i come to you for help in dealing with insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure, to say the least, i was skeptical. I figured if my family doctor couldn’t help me a few needles certainly couldn’t .
Boy was I wrong. Acupuncture has been one of the single most life changing choices I have ever made. I was 18 when i started taking prescription drugs to help deal with life-long insomnia and anxiety. I am now 41. And then, after years of both issues i began to deal with high blood pressure as well. I assumed it was just genetic and the only choice was to go the path of my family history and accept i too needed to be on high blood pressure meds as well.
I began my journey with you in February of 2017 because i was frustrated. I had given up. I had to keep taking higher and higher doses of all medications as the effectiveness decreased on what seemed like an annual basis.
I am happy to say that after years of struggle despite prescription drugs, therapy, life style changes and all the things i was told i should try, acupuncture has finally been the best and most effective treatment. I have been off of all sleeping meds since i began seeing you in February. I sleep 7-9 hours nightly! I’ve never in my whole life been able to say that. I am steadily able to decrease my anxiety medication and i feel comfortable saying i will be able to come off that completely in the next year. I have also been able to eliminate one of my two blood pressure medications completely.
It is with sincere thanks and appreciation i write this email. I am hopeful my story will inspire others to try acupuncture. 

“It Eliminated the Pain”

Written by a 69  years old male patient of Dr. Ashley Marchek

Where do I start, I am suffering from Spinal Stenosis, and have been in lot of pain. I have not, yet had surgery, nor do I want to go that route. I just what to have pain relief. Dr. Ashley Marchek, introduced me to “ Battlefield Acupuncture” and as a Veteran, it intrigued me. I went in for one visit and it was successful, 100%,  it has been 3 weeks. I know, it did not cure my spinal stenosis, but it eliminated the pain. With no pain, I can now make wise decisions on how to work through the spinal stenosis, rationally.