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With Dr. Marchek

April 13, 2019

Nutrition and diabetes

Our goal here at Take2 Healthcare, is to get you healthy enough that you no longer need your medications.
Today we have Melissa, a patient of Dr. Marchek in the studio. We discuss Melissa’s journey through a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and her nutritional health plan put in place by Dr. Marchek here at Take2 and her medical doctor!

With Dr. Yahle

April 6, 2019

May is Women’s Health Month!

Through the entire month of May, we will be offering 10% off thermography service! Thermography allows us to see inflammation that can be related to cancerous activity, 7-10 years before it can be detected on a mammogram. No radiation and no compression resulting in a much more enjoyable and noninvasive experience. 

Schedule your appointment today as time slots will fill quickly!

With Dr. Dyer

March 30, 2019

There’s more to chiropractic than just an adjustment!

What is chiropractic and how does it work? How can chiropractic help you? How many people do you, that have been to a chiropractor? Dr. Dyer also answers caller questions!

With Dr. Marchek

March 23, 2019

The benefits of nutritional blood testing

Today we have a Take2 patient on the air with us! Listen to her story on nutritional blood testing, proper dieting, and more!

With Dr. Marchek

March 16, 2019

Headaches and Sinuses

Here in the Ohio area our weather has been wreaking havoc on our bodies! What can we do to help ourselves relax and relieve ourselves of these headaches or sinus issues. We’ve been seeing an increase in people looking for relief and luckily there is a lot we can do to help!

With Dr. Merkle

March 9, 2019

Even serious problems sometimes have simple safe solutions!

We have a lot to talk about this session! Less chemo is now recommended for certain breast cancers?! There’s also been a debate in the senate regarding the MMR vaccine with some interesting developements, caller questions, and more.

Wow, stay tuned!

With Dr. Yahle

March 2, 2019


Inflammation increases as we age. Does aging just mean that we’re getting old or are there ways to slow it down or even reverse it?

With Dr. Dyer and Dr. Merkle

February 23, 2019

Obesity and its connection to cancer

In the studio today we have Dr. Dyer and Dr. Merkle! Listen as the doctors discuss the relationship between obesity and its connection to cancer. We at Take2 are not necessairly trying to help you lose weight but to help you get healthy and as you get healthy your weight will start to go down.

With Dr. Marchek

February 9, 2019

Headaches and anxiety

Our constantly changing weather this time of the year has been affecting many of you out there. Listen to Dr. Marchek as she describes what she does to combat seasonal headaches. Also, in today’s high stress fast paced world, how can we at Take2 Healthcare help you with anxiety?

With Dr. Merkle

February 2, 2019

This is the best I have felt in my entire life!

We find out what you need, what’s imbalanced, what’s disfunctional and what’s deficient. Each patient that comes in our doors gets specific and customized testing based off of what is unique to you. Dr. Merkle discusses this and much more in today’s show!

Take 2 weeks to try a safe natural option today!

With Dr. Dyer

January 26, 2019

That is what we do!

We provide many services at Take2 Healthcare. From chiropractic, blood testing and nutrition, thermography and much more. We are here to help you feel better, that is what we do! Today, Dr. Dyer discusses Take2 and our services and much more. Listen now!

With Dr. Yahle

January 19, 2019

Ask the experts hour with Dr. Natalie Yahle

This morning Dr. Yahle takes us through many caller questions ranging from the supplement lecithin and it’s soy variant to probiotics and liver problems!

With Dr. Marchek,

January 12, 2019


What are your new years resolutions? Do you have a plan and a team to help you acheive them? Come speak with Take2 Healthcare and we can help you achieve your new healthy goals!

With Dr. Merkle

January 5, 2019

Who is going to look after you as you age?

2 parents can take care of 5 kids, but 5 kids can’t take care of 2 parents! Wouldn’t you prefer to not have to depend on your kids or loved ones to take care of you as you age? How much are you willing to do now to not be dependant later on? Come into Take2 today and start feeling better!

With Dr. Merkle

December 29, 2018

Invest in your yourself – Invest in your health

Investing is an important step in life, but what better thing to invest in than your health! Why not ring in the new year by getting healthier! Come on in to Take2 Healthcare today and start feeling better!

With Dr. Merkle

December 22, 2018

Remaining independent as we age – With a special guest Tracey Merkle!

Many health problems that people have are self inflicted often causing the inability to care for yourself. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could delay your inability to care for yourself for as long as possible?! It sure would, and that’s what we do here at Take2 Healthcare. Listen to this morning’s show with a special guest and hear a story about just this sort of thing!

With Dr. Dyer

December 15, 2018


This is something that is actually pretty common, tenonitis – the painful inflammation of a tendon. Tendons are what connect a muscle to a bone in your body. Painful inflammation can occur to these tendons which can sometimes severely limit a movement or activity. This morning Dr. Dyer discusses tendinitis and recovery! Listen now!

With Dr. Dyer

December 8, 2018

There is a lot to say about high blood pressure

This morning, Dr. Dyer looks at weight loss, cholesterol, and he has much to say about high blood pressure and blood pressure medications!

WIth Dr. Yahle

December 1, 2018

Thoughts on some fascinating case studies, the flu vaccine and much more!

There is much to say about proper testing and protocols. You can and will improve your health with proper guidance by trained professionals. Listen now to hear some of what we can do for you!

With Dr. Merkle

November 24, 2018

Agape for Youth

Agape for you is a Foster care, adoption through foster care, and unification charity program here in the Dayton area! Where there is a need there are wonderful people out there to help! This morning we have Steve and Sandy Geib, here to discuss the Agape for Youth program and the amazing things they are doing for our community!

With Dr. Marchek

November 17, 2018

Take2 Food Drive and Heathfair!

With your donation of unexpired non-perishable food or school supply donation you can take part in our annual food drive and healthfair! PEMF, Blood Pressure, Urinalysis, Body Compisition and more! Listen do Dr. Markchek break things down in even more detail today!

With Dr. Merkle

November 10, 2018

Less home care and less assistance

Isn’t that what we all want as we get older? If you get healthier you may not need the home care assistants and the frequent doctor visits. Dr. Merkle explains this and much more with this weeks show!

Why not call our office today and find out what you can do to become more independent with your health!

With Dr. Merkle

November 3, 2018

A boy with cystic fibrosis grew 6 inches in 6 months!

We found areas in his life-health that needed improved and his body was able to be healthy and correct itself. He was able to breath and his lungs and chest went back to normal. This boy outgrew his cystic fibrosis deformity and no longer needed a liver transplant! We also discuss a doctor who’s wife had 3 code blue cancer markers. Listen now folks, this is a great episode!

With Dr. Merkle

October  27, 2018

Is delaying death the same as extending life?

The answer seems simple and it is! We will never tell you to stop taking your medication. Instead, we get you healthy enough to where you should no longer need them.

This is what we do, let us help you!

With Dr. Merkle

 October 20, 2018

Even serious problems somtimes have simple, safe, and natural solutions!

Our goal at Take2 Healthcare is not to get you off of the drugs, but to make you healthy enough so that you don’t need them any longer. A young boy with Cystic Fibrosis, on many medications came to see Dr. Merkle for help. He has had it his whole life and was awaiting a liver transplant. Let’s hear his story of health and recovery.

With Dr. Merkle

October 13, 2018

Thoughts on corrective eye surgery and what is Osteopetrosis?

A quick note on corrective eye surgery and Dr. Merkle shares a story about what proper nutrition did for a young boy with Osterpetrosis.

WIth Dr. Dyer

October 6, 2018

What will you do for this cold and flu season?

What can you do to be healthier? There’s so much to our health that we have to think about on a daily basis. Today we are going to talk about nutrition, take caller questions and much more!

With Dr. Yahle

September 29, 2018

10% off Thermograms in October!

Limited appointments are available. The 10% off only applies to appointments scheduled for October so schedule yours today! What is Thermography? How does it work? Dr. Yahle will tell you today in our latest radio show.

With Dr. Merkle

September 22, 2018


You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choices.

This morning we talk about insurance, pain relief and  the Department of Justice!?

With Dr. Dyer

September 15, 2018

A 5 year old boy who can now go outside and play

A foundational blood test can help so many people in so many ways. This weekened, Dr. Dyer reviews a case of a young boy with multiple problems and how Take2 and Dr. Dyer was able to get to the bottom of a not so simple problem.

With Dr. Marchek

September 8, 2018

What kind of foods have you been eating?

What did you have for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Did you skip breakfast? Did you skip lunch? Did you have a big dinner to compensate? 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. LIsten to Dr. Marchek explain why we should all be eating breakfast!

With Dr. Merkle

September 1, 2018

An Olympic Hopeful!

Charlie Schreiber, age 24, has been climbing for 11 years and has been bouldering and sport climbing at a Nationally Competitive level for 10 years. He’s been on American Ninja Warrior and is working to make the US Olympic team in Rock Climbing, a new event for the 2020 Tokyo, Olymipics!

With Dr. Yahle

August 25, 2018

The benefits of baseline testing and thermography

There are several tests that we use to check for breast cancer.

Thermography allows us to see inflammation that can be related to cancerious activity, 7-10 years before it can be detected on a mammogram. No radiation and no compression resulting in a much more enjoyable  and noninvasive experience.

With Dr. Dyer

August 18, 2018

Liver Disease

A woman aged 62 came to Dr. Dyer taking various medications for Diabetes. One of her drugs is Lipitor which has been linked with Liver Disease. Dr. Dyer worked with this woman to help with her diabetes and her liver! There’s much more to this story, listen now!

With Dr. Yahle

August 11, 2018

Today we take caller questions about Iodine, Warfarin, Keto-Diets and more!

This morning Dr. Yahle gives us her expert opinion on a wide variety of topics. Listen now!

With Dr. Marchek

August 04, 2018

Hair Testing? What is it and how does it work?

Man made pollution is increasing our exposure to toxic metals. A hair test can help determine your toxic element levels for lead, aluminum, arsenic, copper and many more. Anemia, hypertension, thyroid problems, some cancers, and trouble with losing weight can be effected by toxic elements. If you have questions call our office today at 937-433-3241!

With Dr. Dyer

July 28, 2018

Better regulation with supplementation

Today we cover Blood Pressure, Depression and Anxiety! Also, stay tuned to hear Dr. Dyer break down Cholesterol and why lowering it is only part of the puzzle of reducing heart attack and stroke.

With Dr. Dyer

July 14, 2018

High Blood Pressure?

A woman came into Take2 Healthcare during our summer sale commenting on her high blood pressure. Her systolic number (top number) was 160-180 range. After speaking with Dr. Dyer he recommended she take Formula 303 (Valerian Root.) After 20 minutes her systolic number was 130. Listen now to hear the full story!

With Dr. Marchek

July 07, 2018

Our health fair is this Friday!

With your donation of a non perishable food item or school supply you can take part in our health fair! 5% off PRE-PAIR vitamin orders, a 10 minute PEMF session, Blood Pressure Checks, Urinslysis checking for diabetes, infection and kidney disease, and a body composition screening! All donations go to Agape for Youth here in Dayton!

With Dr. Yahle

June 30, 2018

Vitamin D

9.5/10 people who walk through our doors are deficient in Vitmain D. Vitamin D helps with your immune systems, helps with depression symptoms, fibromyalgia, prevention of bone fractures, osteoperosis, helps with mood memory and sleep as well as your hair, skin, and nails among other things. Even people who get a lot of sun can still be deficient. Come on in to Take2 Healthcare!

With Dr. Dyer

June 23, 2018

Modern Medicine

There is no magical pill. Why can one person smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day and not get cancer yet, their neighbor who does not smoke does get cancer? Today we take a look at this question and Dr. Dyer takes caller questions!

With Dr. Merkle

June 16, 2018

Fighting disease is not the same as restoring health. 

Today Dr. Merkle discusses a fascinating story about a boy with the genetic disease, Osteopetrosis. What can be done and how does it effect the patient? Dr. Merkle answers these questions and the outcome of this little boy.

Listen to his story now!

With Dr. Marchek

June 09, 2018

Take2 healthcare health fair and food drive July 13th!

We will be offering the following services for free during our food drive: 10 minutes PEMF session , blood pressure check, UA, body composition, chiropractic adjustments. Be sure to bring in your non-expired food item or school supply. Also, Dr. Marchek differentiates between heath exhaustion and heat stroke!

With Dr. Merkle

June 2, 2018

We don’t just treat symptoms, we make people healthier!

Labs have changed! The clinical values for tests have changed. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) range used to be 10-20, now the range is 5-26. Why? Because the ranges are based off of population averages. The sicker the population the wider the range to classify people as “normal” now. Clinical ranges from 30 years ago are considered normal now. Come to Take2 Healthcare, we know the ranges and what they mean for your health. Also, Dr. Merkle discusses the Troy strawberry festival and reads patient and doctor emails!

With Dr. Merkle

May 26, 2018

It turned out to be something completely different

Proper testing is something that we do here at Take2 Healthcare. We don’t treat cancer or Lupus or even the common cold. Small changes can make a big difference. Your body has the ability to heal and repair itself as long as you are tested properly. The symptoms you are having don’t always coorelate with the actual cause of the problem. Come in to Take2 Healthcare today and get started to your road to a healthier you!

With Dr. Merkle

May 19, 2018

Symptoms don’t often correlate to severity of disease

Did you know that you can have 20% kidney and liver function and have no symptoms or 10% pancreatic function left with no sign of diabetes? The only way to know is to get tested! Dr. Merkle discusses this and much more this morning on AM 1290 and 95.7 WHIO.

With Dr. Dyer

May 12, 2018

The number 1 killer of the American population

Dr. Dyer discusses with our listeners the number  1 killer of Americans today and it’s not cancer. Listen to learn more!

With Dr. Merkle

May 5, 2018

The seriousness of chronic pain and what can we do?

With opiod use hitting critial levels nationwide, what other option do we have for chronic pain? Hear a story about a young woman and her story of recovery, help , and hope!

With Dr. Merkle

April 28, 2018

What is happening in the body when we get cancer?

When you get healthy enough, it doesn’t matter the name of the disease. By optimizing your health your body knows what to do. This morning we also discuss when is a treatment too effective and when is that good and when is that bad?

With Dr. Dyer

April 21, 2018

Treat your body as the true healthy..

..miracle that it deserves to be! Today, an interesting case involving a pregnancy, an epidural, bell’s palsy, facial pain, and Battlefield Acupuncture. Dr. Dyer also discusses providing guidance to a cancer survivor.

With Dr. Yahle

April 14, 2018

Caller questions with Dr. Yahle

This morning, Dr. Yahle goes over a case of a young woman who’s family has a history of breast cancer. Dr. Yahle also takes caller questions from people all around the Miami Valley!

With Dr. Merkle

April 7, 2018

“You’re just lucky that you are so healthy”

Significant things can be found when our protocol is followed! Listen to Dr. Merkle explain our specialized testing and the results that have come from it. Today we discuss autism, seizures, and more! 

Don’t forget, through the month of April, Take2 Healthcare is offering 10% off of thermography services! 

With Dr. Yahle

March 31, 2018

10% off Thermography services in the month of April

Thermography is a non-invasive way to detect inflammation that can become breast cancer. This morning we also discuss a gentleman in his 40’s who was suffering from swollen ankles and shortness of breath. Worried, the man made his way to the hospital and admitted to the ICU. This man ended up having two contradicting diagnosis by 2 cardiologist in the same practice. He eventually made his way to Take2 Healthcare and Dr. Yahle. Listen now to hear what happened next!

With Dr. Dyer

March 24, 2018

The answers are in the blood!

What can foundational laboratory testing do for your health? This morning, Dr. Dyer takes us through several interesting cases for patients he is working with. Remember, how you feel is no indication of how healthy you are and most serious conditions show up in the blood long before symptoms occur.


With Dr. Yahle

March 17, 2018

Iodine, the domino effect of toxic elements, and more caller questions

This morning Dr. Yahle takes caller questions ranging from Iodine and the thyroid, the effect of toxic elements and much much more. 

With Dr. Marchek

March 10, 2018

“She’s given me part of my life back!?”

Battlefield acupuncture is great at managing pain! Dr. Marchek recently had a patient who rated her chronic pain as a 10 or an 8 with her pain meds. After just a few minutes of Battlefield acupuncture with Dr. Marchek, she rates her pain as a 2! Listen now or read our full testimonials here!

With Dr. Dyer

March 3, 2018

Today we discuss some excellent reading and  review some patients cases

Dr. Dyer discusses some great books he’s reading. Also, what do I do if I’m not getting my full range of movement from my shoulder? It’s possible that the shoulder might not be the root of the problem.

With Dr. Yahle

February 24, 2018

Breast Cancer Screening

Thermography is a non invasive breast cancer screening method that uses sophisticated imaging to monitor blood vessels in breast tissue for the detection of tumors. This morning Dr. Yahle discusses breast thermography and what Take2 Healthcare can do to help!

With Dr. Dyer

February 17, 2018

What does Dr. Dyer do when he gets sick?

Lauricidin, Vitamin D, and a good old Neti pot, among other things, are great for combating the flu! We take several caller questions about diabetes!

With Dr. Yahle

February 12, 2018

What is going on with the flu?

Why is the flu so strong this year? People who got their flu shot are stlil getting sick, so what’s going on? This morning Dr. Yahle discusses the flu and what you can do to help fend it off!

With Dr. Marchek

February 3, 2018

Falling off of our New Years resolution

What was your new years resolution? Are you fulfilling it? Trying to get back in shape? Are trying to eat better? How can nutrition play a role in not falling off your resolution? Tune into the discussion now and listen!

With Dr. Dyer

January 27, 2018

Parkinson’s, Acupuncture, B-type Natriuretic Peptide and more!

Think outside the box! Take a natural approach to healthcare.

With Dr. Yahle

January 20, 2018

Comprehensive Bloodwork with Take2 Healthcare

Today we are with Dr. Yahle! Listen as she discusses bloodwork on  Diabetes, Breast cancer, Kidney cancer, Hormonal issues, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and much more. Visit us on Far Hills Avenue in Dayton!

With Dr. Merkle

December 23, 2017

We don’t treat cancer we treat patients!

If you get the body healthy enough does it really matter the name of the disease? We have cancer every day but our healthy bodies can repair itself.

With Dr. Merkle

December 30, 2017

Curiosity and Common Sense

Take 2 weeks or 2 months to try a safe natural optionOur mission is to help people reach their optimum health. Listen as Dr. Merkle discusses what we can do for you!

With Dr. Merkle

December 16, 2017

Science and Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition involves objective third party testing of the blood, hair and urine. Your results are assesed and recommendations are made. Learn more today to see what Dr. Merkle has to say about Science and Clinical Nutrition. 

With Dr. Marchek

December 9, 2017

Agape For Youth Inc., Inc.

Dr. Marchek interviews Agape for Youth in Dayton, a southwest Ohio adpotion through foster care reunificaiton agency. Learn more about this amazing organization at

With Dr. Merkle

November 25, 2017

Dr. Merkle is live at Health Foods Unlimited

On site at Health Foods Unlimited, Dr. Merkle discusses Organic produce and grains with the owner of Health Foods Unlimited Rhonda Miller!


With Dr. Dyer

November 18, 2017

When weather patterns change rapidly what is happening in our bodies?

Dr. Dyer discusses a recent patient’s battle with pain and how Dr. Dyer was able to help!

With Dr. Merkle

November 11, 2017

How do you want to live?

 If you end up in poor health, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Start taking active steps now!


With Dr. Yahle

November 4, 2017

Take 2 weeks to try a safe natural option

You don’t get a mammogram to prevent breast cancer. So, what are you doing to prevent breast cancer? Dr. Yahle, Take 2 Healthcares own expert shares her knowledge on this subject with you!

With Dr. Merkle

October 28, 2017

How healthy do you want to be in 10 years?

This week we talk about the flu and why it’s more likley Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Also, we discuss what to do about flu shots, skin cancer and much more!

With Dr. Merkle

October 21, 2017

We are here to help you make better health decisions in your life

Issue 2 on the ballot, how are drugs tested, and losing weight! We have a lot to talk about today so let’s get started.

With Dr. Merkle

October 14, 2017

Feeling better does not mean that you are well

Drugs just slow the inevitable progression of disease but they doesn’t reverse it. Instead, find what is tearing the body down or nutritional deficiency slowing the bodies natural reparative abilities and fix the original problem. 

With Dr. Yahle

October 7, 2017


There are other options but what are they?

Covering topics from fibromyalgia and epilepsy to the partial removal of the pancreas, today we join Dr. Yahle in the studio taking caller questions. 

With Dr. Dyer

September 30, 2017

The Opioid Crisis

Dr. Dyer discusses the opioid crisis and what we have seen from this epidemic. What can you do to help combat this?

With Dr. Merkle

September 23, 2017

Cancer and cancer testing

Listen to Dr. Merkle explain what Take2 Healthcare is looking for regarding cancer testing and how we can help you!

With Dr. Yahle

September 16, 2017

Pancreatic cancer, chemotherapy, and other caller questions

Dr. Yahle takes caller questions this morning discussing pancreatic cancer, thermography, and Dr. Yahle provides us with some insight on cleanses and diets and gives us a few healthy recommendations. 

With Dr. Marchek

September 9, 2017

Opioids, Battlefield Acupuncture and more!

What is happening with opioids? Why are doctors prescribing opiods to such a degree. Dr. Marchek discusses these issues and gives her professional opinion!

With Dr. Dyer

September 2, 2017

Do you have seasonal allergies?

Listen to Dr. Dyer discuss what you can take to help the most with your seasonal allergies. 

With Dr. Dyer

August 26th, 2017

Maintaining your health

Dr. Dyer discusses why maintaining your own health and why Take2 Healthcare’s approach is more effective.

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