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After spending thousands of dollars and being on a myriad of medications, Gina came to see our health professionals at Take2 Healthcare.




Not wanting to have surgeries for his long standing backpains, Take2 Healthcare helped Marion be active with his grandchildren again.




Having long time liver problems, Mike came into Take2 Healthcare looking for much needed help. Our healthcare professionals found Mike’s nutritional defencies and got him back on track.

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Dr. Dyer

“Chronic Pain”

“I have had chronic nerve pain on my dominant side for over 10 years, with the focal point in my neck, and radiating through my shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and fingers.  I have received trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, used Lidoderm pain patches, a TENS unit, and have been taking 1800 mg of Gabapentin long-term, none of which have eliminated my pain.  I have been at a pain management status for years.  My pain levels have always fluctuated, making it difficult to diagnose cause of chronic aggravations.  My pain levels were not directly correlated to my activity level.  I could be in severe pain without any activity, or have no pain while being very active.  Weather (barometric pressure) changes seemed to significantly affect my pain level, yet I have had no problem with pain during the recent (changing weather) weeks.

I am more than excited to tell you that I now take NO Gabapentin, or use any type of pain relief since seeing Dr. Dyer / ACU treatments.  I can hardly believe this myself!  I am thrilled about this new quality of life I have been experiencing, and I would encourage anyone to do the same.

Thank you Dr. Dyer for this new quality of life I am experiencing!!!”

Results were achieved in six treatment sessions over a 1 month time period.

Patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

Dr. Yahle

“The Benefits of a Proper Supplement Program”

From 55 year old female patient

This woman had primary complaints of depression for seven years, stating she was highly stressed out, and was experiencing night sweats since 1997. She had attempted Lexapro for depression for two years which didn’t seem to help so the patient quit taking it. Before she came in, she had quit all of her current supplements that she had put herself on for 4 weeks. Her comprehensive blood test was ran along with a hormone panel and a hair tissue mineral analysis to determine the toxic elements she was being exposed to.
After she was placed on the proper program of supplements according to her individualized testing results, we saw improvements in liver function, kidney function, and thyroid function in the blood. Although there were no critical findings when she was first tested, the many values that were low had all added up; contributing to all of her symptoms.
Her 3 week follow up is as follows: Her hot flashes are gone and her night sweats are gone too! She is having 2-4 bowel movements per day, her toe fungus is gone; she has lost weight, her headaches are gone and her grey hairs are darkening again.

Patient of Dr. Natalie Yahle

“I now sleep soundly through the night”

Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling much better. The vitamins seem to be making a difference. One thing I noticed almost immediately was that my sleep has improved. I now sleep soundly through the night. I have also noticed that an ache I would sometimes get in my lower right abdomen is gone. I was always concerned that that was my liver. That is no longer an issue. I have been good about taking the vitamins. They have become a part of my daily routine. Diet has always been a challenge for me. I have been working hard at it and have taken off a couple of pounds. So on the whole all is going well.”  J.B.

Doctors note:  This is a response from a patient that started the program just two weeks ago. She had initially came in for a couple reasons: To get second opinion about previously elevated liver enzymes, concerned about benign nodules on right breast due to family history of breast cancer, wants to lose weight, and wants to have more energy. Her blood tests detected a very high level of Ferritin indicating excess iron stores, very high LDL Cholesterol,  optimal liver enzymes (which was a relief to her), and elevated Estrogen. The plan for this patient is to follow a specific supplement protocol according to all her blood test and hair analysis findings, donate blood to reduce the excess iron stores,  follow the thorough dietary guidelines as well as exercise recommendations that were made, and review xenoestrogens. She is also monitoring the CA27.29 and CA15-3 cancer markers in the blood that have specificity for breast cancer. A follow up blood test will be done after two months of being on the program.  ~ Dr. Yahle

Patient of Dr. Natalie Yahle

Chief Complaint: Cancer of the Omentum (Abdominal lining)


This 79 year old patient is now getting to meet her great grandkids this summer as we have helped her reverse the course of a very significant disease i.e. cancer of the omentum or abdominal lining.  Scans show that there was also involvement in distal organs including lymph node enlargement in the anterior cardio-phrenic and pericardial regions as well as gastro-hepatic ligament, concerning for nodal metastasis.  This lymph node involvement is scary for sure and due to location the heart and liver regions will be key areas of monitoring as this case progresses/regresses.

The tumor markers CA 125, CA 15-3 and CEA have all improved dramatically. CA125 (female organ cancers) is down over 285 points to a nearly optimal level, CA15-3 (liver) is down 10 points and CEA (gut related cancers) is down 111 points. These values started off as CODE BLUE values meaning emergency levels. They have now regained nearly optimal status.

She and her kids relayed to me during a follow-up appointment that after 2 weeks on the program she no longer had to go to her MD to have fluid drained (ascites) from her abdomen.  They had previously been taking 1-1.5L of fluid off of her belly multiple times per week.  After 2 months on the program and following a very strict diet and vitamin/supplement plan she was down 75-80 lbs.  Much of it was by clearing up the fluid issues.

Blood Results:

A new set of tumor markers will be gathered and analyzed in the upcoming weeks.  Further recommendations can be made with serial monitoring and this can also help us/her track progression or regression of significant pathology in her system.


Patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

Diabetes Reversed In Three Months!!  Hemoglobin A1C dropped from 11.6 to 5.9.

In 3 months this patient’s dedication reversed her Type II diabetes, lost 35 lbs, improved iron levels, improved liver function, and improved Vitamin D status.

A 69 year old female received a diagnosis of Type II diabetes from her primary care physician in April 2019 after her bloodwork showed that the Hemoglobin A1C diabetic marker was very high at 12.90 (the reference range for this blood test is 4.5 -6.41).  Her doctor wanted to put her on insulin.  This was a wake-up call and the patient decided to take her health into her own hands.

She came to Take 2 Healthcare in May wanting to get advice on how to lower her diabetic marker.  At 5’2 and 184 lbs she knew that she had to lose weight as well but didn’t know what type of foods she should be eating or avoiding.  The day of the consult her blood pressure, controlled by medication, was 140/90.

A comprehensive blood panel was ordered along with a hair tissue mineral analysis.  The findings of the blood work showed a critically elevated level of the diabetic marker, Hemoglobin A1C, at 11.60.  Another critically elevated blood test finding was her Ferritin level at 201 (reference range for this blood test is 15.0-150.0).  This indicated an iron handling problem and/or inflammation.  Other blood tests showed inflammation of the liver and low vitamin D.

Her hair test showed that she was not eliminating toxins at a very good rate.  Although Uranium showed up, there should be more toxic elements coming out in the hair due to the known fact of exposures from pollution and our industrial society.

The patient was placed on our special Take 2 Healthcare low glycemic diet for two months to get her sugars under control and was also given a vitamin protocol to follow based on her blood and hair test results.  Three months later the patient retested.

-The Hemoglobin A1C dropped from 11.6 to 5.9

-The liver enzyme SGOT improved from 38 to 23, SGPT improved from 36 to 18, and the GGT improved from 35 to 15

-The Ferritin improved from 201 to 114

-The Vitamin D improved from 44.60 to 60.7


She had seen her primary care physician in July and when he tested the Hemoglobin A1C and saw that it had significantly dropped he said that he didn’t think that she would do this good and he was really surprised.  The patient’s blood pressure also improved to 116/76 and now weighs 149 lbs.


The patient continues on her new vitamin protocol and dietary recommendations based on updated testing.

Patient of Dr. Natalie Yahle

“That is a great relief to me.”

60 year old male patient had primary complaints of high Cholesterol, high BP, and acid reflux.  He was taking medications for all of these.  His initial testing showed critical kidney inflammation with high Creatinine and high Uric Acid levels.   There were findings of critically low Ferritin and low Serum Iron associated with clinical anemia.  Note: One of the side effects of Nexium, his medication for acid reflux, is B12 deficiency.  His Cholesterol ratio was poor with low HDL Cholesterol (the heart healthy type of cholesterol) and high LDL and VLDL Cholesterols.  After 4 weeks on a program of specific vitamins and dietary guidelines his Ferritin value went up from 13 to 35, his kidney markers improved as well and are no longer critical.  The Uric Acid dropped from a clinical value of 9.50 to an optimal value at 7.30.  The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) came up from being clinically low at 42 to 51.  The Creatinine, which was critically low at 1.72, improved to 1.48.  This may not seem like a drastic change in numbers, but it actually is a remarkable improvement in just a short amount of time.

Doctor’s note:  His retest recommendations after the first round of testing were specific to the critical findings and needed to be closely monitored.  Several other areas are to be retested soon here in the future.  As this patient progresses, his retests and supplement recommendations will be updated accordingly. The patient writes:

“I have been feeling very good.  I have taken the recommended vitamins and supplements regularly since August per your recommendations.  I have added  natural chiropractic care to my effort to improve my overall health.  I’m happy to report it is going very well.  This along with the vitamins & supplements recommended by you has allowed me to discontinue taking Nexium.  That is a great relief to me.  My BP is typically 98/70.  I have discontinued one of the prescription medications for High Blood Pressure.  I am continuing with walking regularly.  Outside when the weather permits. We as a family have used your recommendations for foods and adjusted our meals accordingly.  I look forward to seeing my next blood test results.”

Each patient here at Take 2 Healthcare is treated on an individual basis.  The program designed for a patient to follow is determined by their testing results.  Progress, not perfection, is key.  Especially with most chronic conditions.  However, if we are able to make positive changes to one’s lifestyle, these are things that they can instill for the rest of their life; getting healthier one day at a time.

Patient of Dr. Natalie Yahle

Colorectal Cancer

February 13, 2019

Notes written below are from the patient’s own narrative:

“My journey through colorectal cancer began in March 2012 when I was suddenly diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I elected to have surgery to remove the growing tumor mass which rendered me to be a permanent colostomy patient.  I underwent both radiation and chemotherapy in the ensuing nine months. Though it was grueling, I pressed on and finally came to a place where my CEA blood marker and other routinely monitored blood markers were well within the clinical ranges this number was 2.6 on 9/19/2012 (healthy range value should be 0-2.0; clinical range is 0-4.70).  During those treatments I began consulting Dr. Dyer on the nutritional side of my care.  I took his recommendations seriously but I did not adhere to the plan with as much discipline as I should have.

I continued on until 2016 when two small tumors were detected on my liver through regular scans. This time I underwent laparoscopic surgery to have them removed.  This liver resection removed a little over one third of my liver to obtain clear tissue in 360 degree margins.  On 5/16/16 my CEA marker was 7.4 (the highest it had been).

My oncologist prescribed a post-surgical battery of chemotherapy infusions.  I agreed and received my first infusion which literally nearly ended my life in 24 hours; due to the intense reactions I endured.  It was that wake-up call that changed my mind about the course typically prescribed in traditional medical cancer treatments.  August of 2016 was my last (and as I say my “final”) chemo infusion.

I returned to Dr. Dyer, who I had been seeing periodically during the first 4 years of my journey. This time I realized that I needed to go a whole different route than I was primarily pursuing with traditional medical care.  After doing another complete blood panel, Dr. Dyer put a new plan of nutrition together for me.  I put a more disciplined approach into my lifestyle and started the program, adding regular exercise (which is now up to 25 minutes per day) and a strict dietary plan (including minimal carb and sugar intake); these changes resulted in a quick 2.0 drop in the CEA marker and by 8/18/2016 it was 5.4.

To date my blood work has been well within acceptable margins and the scans my oncologist does have been negative.  In December of 2018, I had an abdominal ultra sound of my liver. Everything was well within the acceptable and normal limits. I have not taken any pharmaceutical prescribed medications since August 2016.”

Dr. Dyer: “The CEA (carcinogenic embryonic antigen), the blood test used to monitor cancer activity for this type of tumor reached its lowest point of 3.0 on 5/1/18 and has most recently been 4.9 as of 9/7/18.  Follow-up testing is scheduled for April 2019, when another update can be given.  Now my job is to help this patient stay as healthy as possible in order to keep the CEA and other key blood markers optimal.  The CEA is just one indicator of cancer activity in the blood but in this case it tells us what the cancer scoreboard shows.  If the number rises we know that the cancer activity in the body has risen and if the number falls or maintains then we know that we are doing is working.

Patient of Dr. Dyer

What Acupuncture can do

2/26/19   Patient V states:

“I wanted to thank you and share with you my results after receiving acupuncture to assist with smoking cessation (5-6 sessions total).  I have smoked for many years and have tried to quit on multiple occasions without success.  This was my first experience with acupuncture.  I can say from my first session that this procedure produced a calming effect and almost completely took away the craving sensations that I have experienced on my previous attempts to quit.  I am almost three weeks in and feel that acupuncture will make the difference in making it stick this time!

Thank you again!”

Patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

“A Letter From a Patient”

Written by a 41 years old female patient

“I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for changing my life. Acupuncture has helped me in ways prescription drugs have never been able to. When it was suggested i come to you for help in dealing with insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure, to say the least, i was skeptical. I figured if my family doctor couldn’t help me a few needles certainly couldn’t .
Boy was I wrong. Acupuncture has been one of the single most life changing choices I have ever made. I was 18 when i started taking prescription drugs to help deal with life-long insomnia and anxiety. I am now 41. And then, after years of both issues i began to deal with high blood pressure as well. I assumed it was just genetic and the only choice was to go the path of my family history and accept i too needed to be on high blood pressure meds as well.
I began my journey with you in February of 2017 because i was frustrated. I had given up. I had to keep taking higher and higher doses of all medications as the effectiveness decreased on what seemed like an annual basis.
I am happy to say that after years of struggle despite prescription drugs, therapy, life style changes and all the things i was told i should try, acupuncture has finally been the best and most effective treatment. I have been off of all sleeping meds since i began seeing you in February. I sleep 7-9 hours nightly! I’ve never in my whole life been able to say that. I am steadily able to decrease my anxiety medication and i feel comfortable saying i will be able to come off that completely in the next year. I have also been able to eliminate one of my two blood pressure medications completely.
It is with sincere thanks and appreciation i write this email. I am hopeful my story will inspire others to try acupuncture.”

Patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

“A Gentleman with Low Testosterone”

From a 70 year old patient

Recently, we had a man age 68 come in with low testosterone. His medical doctor measured his testosterone levels to be at 158.  After visiting Take 2 Healthcare he was placed on a special plan and after only two weeks his testosterone has nearly doubled to 301, with 480 being the goal.
The patient is now reporting his sleep quality and duration have improved, an increase in libido, stamina and performance, and recently set a personal best during a rowing workout! He also reports that his nails, hair and beard are all growing faster than they did before coming to Take 2 Healthcare!

Update 12/12/2017 (Per Patient)

*Although I am HSV1+, I have had NO occurrence of cold sore/fever blister on lips since 1st seeing you in April, 2017.  Although I will always have the virus, it is amazing that it has not expressed itself in the last 8 months.  Prior to starting your recommended supplementation/nutrition program, I would experience a virus outbreak every 1-2 months, with a 10-14 day recovery period; some months I would experience (2) outbreaks: this had been ongoing for 50+ years.  I have read several articles suggesting monolaurin (Lauricidin) as being effective in reducing HSV1 outbreaks.

* His wife says our love life is GREAT!  I’m still following the supplementation protocol and am expecting further increases in Total & Free T.

* I am sleeping extremely well, and have great energy.  Also, in the 8 months since my initial visit to your office, the only illness that I have experienced is (1) minor cold.

* At Dec 8, 2017, Health Fair, I took advantage to have another InBody 520 BCA (Body Composition Analysis) and compared the results to the July 14, 2017 BCA.  The recent result shows about a 1% relative reduction in most metrics compared to the results of 5 months ago.  I have been faithfully following your recommended vitamin/supplementation/dietary protocol with the notable exception of minimizing animal protein.  I have been rigorously strength and cardio training at least 2hrs/day, at least 15 days/month, with sustained increases in weights and repetitions.  I attribute the slight 1% muscle mass reduction experienced across all (5) body segments to my following an essentially vegan diet 4-5 days/wk: lots of fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. In order to retain/boost muscle mass I have now started to include animal protein in my daily diet: chiefly organic eggs, poultry and beef.  In essence, my vegetarianism hasn’t worked so well, so I’ll try your suggestion of regular consumption of good animal protein, and I’ll repeat the BCA test in 6-7 months–hopefully at a Summer 2018 Take 2 Healthcare Health Fair.

* I am extremely pleased with the amount and speed of health improvement that I have made with your guidance and encouragement.  I really appreciate that you take the time to listen to my questions and concerns, and that you are truly interested in my health and well-being.

* I’ll be returning to Take 2 Healthcare in April 2018 for the annual testing.

Update 11/28/2018

On my 1st visit in April 2017, I sought help to raise a Total Testosterone of 158 (Target Healthy range 481-845).  After following your recommended nutrition/supplementation program, (2) months later (06/28/2017), Total T increased to 301.  Current (11/16/2018) Total T is 501 (Just 7 months!!).  I am greatly pleased with the improvement in Total T; also, current Free Testosterone is 9.7 (Target Healthy range 10-15), and has been as high as 11.3 (01/02/2018).

By following your recommendations I have experienced many health benefits such as: not one occurrence of a “cold sore,” which used to occur at approximately monthly frequency, no cold, flu, or any illness,

improved stamina evidenced by a recent best time (2min10sec) for 2000m on a Life Fitness Row GX water rowing machine,

InBody520 analysis (07/13/2018), with no recommendation for change in body mass, body water, BMI, or segmental lean analysis.

Thank you for the tailoring a nutrition process that meets my needs and has yielded impressive results.


Patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

Environmental allergies, affecting the skin and breathing function in a pediatric patient

5yr/old: he hasn’t needed the inhaler in the 7 months since he has been on the vitamin and dietary program

Patient LK –

  • 5 year old Caucasian male presents for consultation on severe breathing issues that prevent him from enjoying time outside with friends, family and neighbors.  He also has a variety of food allergies that seem to cause eczema patches on the backs of his arms and trunk.
  •  He was highly motivated to get better so he could start participating in outdoor “PLAY”
  •  At 5 years old he didn’t need to be prompted to take his vitamins with meals each day for 6 months on the program
  •  Through 8 months; blood showed near optimal levels of Vitamin D3, reduced inflammation within liver and pancreas as well as improved digestion
  •  His father reports to me that he can now go outside and play with his brothers without having to use his inhaler; in fact, he hasn’t needed the inhaler in the 7 months he has been on the vitamin and dietary program
  •  No seasonal allergy issues; skin is clearing up (eczema was a problem previously)
  •  Off of the following meds: Albuterol, Singulair, Claritin and Zyrtec

Reported 10-15-2018 and labs verified.


Patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer

48 yr/o female with Fibromyalgia for over 20 years.

The Doctor is Natalie Yahle
After just 2 months of care:

  • she lost 28 lbs!
  • swelling in ankles and knees is gone
  • low back pain is gone
  • feels stronger and has better endurance

“make it through the day and accomplish things!”

A 48 year old female patient who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1995 came to our office for help in September 2017. She could barely make it through the day and felt weak all the time. She hadn’t been able to lose weight since her son was born, 26 years ago. At 5’2” she weighed 172 lbs. She was unable to exercise though due to the pain from herniated discs in the low back. She was on no medications.

A comprehensive blood panel and hair tissue analysis was analyzed on this patient. The inflammatory markers C-reactive protein (CRP) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) were both elevated. The CRP was critical at 10 and it should be below 1.50. The ESR was elevated at 33 and should be below 10. The cholesterol panel showed high levels of LDL Cholesterol at 154 and a coronary risk assessment at 4.64. (The coronary risk is determined by taking the total cholesterol and dividing it by the HDL. To reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems a value below 4 is recommended.)

The patient followed a specific supplement program designed based on her testing results. Much focus was placed on reducing inflammation. Dietary guidelines to help reduce sugar intake were discussed with the patient. Limiting sugar intake from not only sweets, which she craved a lot of, but also from processed carbohydrates, was suggested to help lower the chronic inflammation. The patient followed this protocol for 2 months.

When the patient came back to the office to review her retest results in December she was amazed at how she felt and the changes that her body was capable of making. The patient, who hadn’t been able to lose weight for 22 years had lost 28 lbs! The swelling in her ankles and knees was gone. She stated that she “felt much stronger and that her endurance for everything is totally different. She can actually make it through the day and accomplish things!” The patient is able to exercise now and the low back pain is gone, even though she still has herniated discs.

According to her retest results, the CRP went from 10 to 0.8 and the ESR went from 33 to 7.0. The Total Cholesterol went down from 232 to 188. The most important thing about this particular improvement is that the patient was able to maintain the HDL (heart healthy cholesterol) while lowering the LDL. The LDL went from 154 to 109. The changes in her cholesterol levels improved her coronary risk assessment from 4.64 to 3.5.

By maximizing the body’s ability to heal and repair, significant changes can occur in a short time. It is important to know exactly what vitamins to take and what dietary changes to make. But the only way to know what YOU need is to get tested properly. It took 22 years for this patient to undergo proper testing. The customized plan for her was straightforward and she did an incredible job at following all the guidelines laid out for her. She tells everyone about her experience and couldn’t be happier.

This is an actual patient of Natalie Yahle DC

Patient of Dr. Natalie Yahle

“Helping Those Who Need it the Most”

From the parents of a 6 year old child

“My main concerns for our 6 year old daughter was her overall health.  We were constantly battling minor issues; especially constant UTIs, different skin rashes like water warts, dry skin and headaches.  She just always seemed to have something wrong “pop up” time and again.  After several months of following Dr. Dyer’s suggestions, honestly, I almost gave up.  Her skin started breaking out and it was a constant struggle to get her to follow the regimen.  BUT, I am so glad we toughed it out.  I would say it took about 9 months or so, but we all of a sudden realized we hadn’t had a UTI, her skin was clear, and she hadn’t complained about headaches or not feeling good in quite some time! Looking back we realized when things seemed worse, that it was her bodies way of cleaning out the toxins that were causing a lot of her problems.  She virtually has no issues in the last 6 months.  (This matches up to being just over a year since we’ve taken her to see Dr. Dyer). Her health has improved so much!!
Thank you!!!

Patient of Dr. Andrew Dyer